Pre‑movers are homeowners who are already working with a realtor, have listed their home for sale, and are actively in the process of relocating.

They have a limited window to make big spending decisions — it takes anywhere from 45 to 90 days to sell a home once it's listed. It’s critical to reach pre‑movers early in the process when they are just starting to shop for all the products and services needed to relocate and establish their new household.

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Pre‑Mover vs. New Mover


During the buying and selling of a home there are stages the homeowner must go through. At each stage decisions are being made about purchases for their current home and planning for the move into a new home.

  • 1. Pre‑Listing
    This is stage the homeowner will be relying on the agent for referrals. Building a strong referral campaign with real estate agents will win you business.
  • 2. Pre‑Mover New Listing & Pending Status
    At this stage you are reaching the homeowner before they have moved. Once they have reaching pending status a close and move are imminent. While pre‑movers are planning their move, they are most likely also making purchases for the new house. By reaching homeowners earlier in the timeline of a move, you will have more opportunities for new purchases.
  • 3. New Mover
    At this stage the homeowner has moved and you would be reaching them at their new house.

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