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Is Your Business Looking For MLS Data?

Realtors' proprietary MLS data is generally not available for license, but our real estate Market Snapshot database is the next best thing! Our real estate Market Snapshot database is compiled only from public sources as an alternative to private real estate multiple listing databases.

We watch real estate advertising nationwide to identify homes that are currently for-sale. Our database is the nation's largest independent snapshot of the real estate market. We watch real estate for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) as well as properties for-sale-by-agent.

Our Market Snapshot database is only available under data license to businesses. Sample uses include risk management, market analysis, valuation services, customer acquisition, and customer retention. We do not license our database for consumer online property searches.

Data Source: Real estate for sale advertisements and other public sources. (Note: Our lists are not compiled from Realtors or their proprietary MLS systems)

Database Features

Our Market Snapshot includes over 100 data elements including:

  • Property Location: Complete address information and geo-coordinates (where available).
  • Market Data: Asking price, current market status, and market activity dates.
  • Property Attributes: Bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, and other property attributes (where available).
  • Tax Information: Property tax and assessor information (where available).
  • Advertiser Information: The name, address, telephone, and email address of the advertiser (where available).

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