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We predict a higher income in your future!

Clairvoyance gives you the ability to know immediately when your previous customers put their homes up for sale. You can increase the number of deals you close because your customer calls are timed to match your customers' needs.

Clairvoyance is a fast alert system developed by specialists who know how to manage information and technology to give you a marketing advantage. We monitor real estate advertising and let you know as soon as a prior customer's property hits the market.

With Clairvoyance you will have uncanny timing for every opportunity.

Our program is easy to use. You provide us with a list of the names you want us to watch. (All information you provide to us is confidential and used for your benefit alone.) You receive an email notification when someone on your list puts a home on the market. Then you call on that sales lead.


Higher Income: Successful professionals know that customers are most likely to buy a service when they need it. Call at the right time, and you'll have a higher close rate, make fewer go-nowhere calls and earn a better income for your effort.

Timing: We alert you the first time a 'for sale' ad is detected by our monitoring system. Each alert is a new sales lead opportunity.

Frequency: We notify you weekly of activity by those on your prospect list.

Focus: You can concentrate your marketing efforts on your most likely prospects -- repeat customers who know and trust you. Imagine your success if you could get most of your old customers back a second, third or fourth time.

Easy: Clairvoyance is simple and unobtrusive. You're contacted by email.

Effective: You'll work smarter, not harder. Response rates to direct mail and cold calls are at an all-time low. Clairvoyance allows you to 'warm call' instead of cold calling for business.

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