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Specialized "In-Market" Lists

First Movers Advantage, LLC publishes specialized “In-market” lists for a variety of business purposes. We monitor real estate for-sale advertising to identify consumers who are currently “in-market” to buy or sell a new home.

Pre-Mover Mailing Lists

Our residential Pre-Mover mailing list is the nation’s premier pre-mover database. We watch real estate “for sale” advertising nationwide to identify homeowners that are selling their house. Pre-mover information is successfully used by professionals in the moving, storage, mortgage, insurance, home improvement, communications, and other industries.

Data Licensing

Our comprehensive Market Snapshot file is available for license by businesses who seek a substitute for MLS Data. We have the nation's largest independent snapshot of the real estate for-sale market. Our Market Snapshot database is compiled only from public sources (not Realtors or their proprietary MLS systems).

Customer Retention

Each year, eight percent of your previous homeowner-customers will sell their homes and buy a new home. Each of these events represents an opportunity for you to earn their repeat business. Our Customer Retention program, called Clairvoyance®, is designed to alert you whenever one of your previous customers is about to buy a new home.

Moving Leads

If you are in the moving industry, see our Moving Leads site for direct mail lists and customer retention services.